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Having fully comprehended the detrimental impact from fast fashion and mass consumerism, Holly Allenby built a foundation of social responsibility and ethical consumption with her digital platform THE-ACEY.

Exclusively curating high-end sustainable fashion from designers around the world that use environmentally friendly materials and ethical production practices, the apparel and accessories available through the retailer promote a conscientious lifestyle creating change.

To communicate the positive benefits of sustainable fashion and the importance of supporting artisan designers, we created an engaging and transparent narrative that details the inspirations of Holly’s journey to create THE-ACEY, while supplementing the editorial with an intimate portrait series showcasing a day in the life of this modern mover and shaker in the fashion industry.

Published in Issue Five of majestic disorder magazine.


Within each issue of majestic disorder magazine, we exclusively present high-end sustainable fashion from global designers committed to social responsibility.

Working closely with THE-ACEY, we selected various apparel and accessories to showcase within the fashion editorial of Issue Five entitled “Seaside Dreaming.”