Stela 9
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After a handful of years working throughout Latin America as an archeologist and falling in love with Guatemala, Jess Bercovici founded Stela 9.

Driven by a passion and commitment to creating both handmade and socially responsible merchandise, Stela 9 works directly with indigenous artisans focusing on quality while contributing to the livelihood and sustainability of the communities whose jobs are at risk to machine manufactured goods.

As the heart and soul of the Stela 9 brand stems from Guatemala’s incredible biodiversity and an appreciation for the country’s vanishing traditional craft, we collaborated on a road trip through the country.

Taking our community with us in real time, we documented across all majestic disorder and Stela 9 channels, creating rich travel content and highlighting key elements that inspire the brand, promoting both tourism and the lifestyle ethos of Stela 9.

From the vibrant textile markets of Chichicastenango to the natural turquoise and limestone pools of Semuc Champey, we visited several of Jess’s beloved spots weaving a narrative connecting the Stela 9 customer with the brand’s origins.

With a boutique accommodation extension of the brand’s base in Antigua, passionate travelers wanting to be immersed in the fabric of the community can book to stay at the Stela 9 compound, home to their studio and showroom.

Content encompassing a 360° view of the journey, influenced accessories and apparel of the Stela 9 brand was produced in print for issue 6 to showcase and set a precedent in social, ethical and environmental fashion.