Indigenous Culture Nonprofit


Campaign Strategy
Social Media Promotion


In a saturated service sector rife with unfulfilled objectives, Sinchi stands out as a visionary nonprofit fully committed to preserving indigenous culture.

The community projects they’ve developed in Australia are based on genuine cultural exchanges that create a bridge between indigenous and western ways of life. Through their initiatives, empathy and community engagement are paramount.

To expand global knowledge of the vast indigenous cultures around the world, we were challenged with promoting Sinchi’s photo competition initiative.

The competition invited people around the world to submit their best image of or inspired by indigenous culture. A panel of renowned photographers would select the top entries, which would receive a cash prize and display space to a forthcoming exhibition in Amsterdam.

As informative substance is the foundation of their organization, our solution started by crafting an engaging narrative to introduce communities to Sinchi and their mission of empowerment.

sinchi pdf layout image

You can read the entire narrative here.

We then strategized a social media campaign promoting the competition across our networks inviting our photo-friendly community to participate.

Our campaign resulted in a wealth of engagement with over 600 new followers for Sinchi. The competition resulted in over 500 entries for the competition, producing over €5,000 for the nonprofit as each image submission had a €10 entry fee.


Competition 1st prize was awarded to Josue Rivas for his work at Standing Rock in the United States. You can read more about his experiences.