Sea Sage
Luxury Resort Wear


Creative Strategy
Social Media Promotion


Channeling the tropics, sea sage is a luxury resort wear brand that has its roots firmly in the Turks and Caicos where founder and designer Amy Brown grew up.

As sea sage’s identity prides itself on offering the perfect way to wear a piece of paradise, we wanted to create an engaging social media campaign that offered people from all corners of the world to have the opportunity to carry a piece of paradise with them.

We partnered with sea sage for a social media giveaway, developed travel forward content photographed on location in Marrakech, Morocco to bring awareness to the brand’s jetset narrative while also highlighting sea sage’s upcoming kaftan collection debut.

We asked the majestic disorder community to add the hashtag #MDxseasage to their favorite travel photos. The campaign resulted in hundreds of submissions from around the globe and successfully grew sea sage’s user engagement and Instagram following by nearly 15%.