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With a keen anthropological sense and kaleidoscopic vision, the work of Brazilian artist Rimon Guimarães is as enchanting as it is masterful. From towering residential tower blocks in Amsterdam to Syrian walls in Damascus, Rimon’s street art brightens up even the drabbest structures wherever he travels to.

When Rimon came to London for his first solo exhibition, the challenge Maze Gallery tasked us with was transcending the vibrant energy of his paintings into a promotional campaign that could engage digital platforms.

Entitled Diaspora, the exhibition reflected themes of African culture and the melting pot that exists within societies, which further enhances the idea of a global identity.


We started the campaign with a short video documenting Rimon creating one of his signature murals around town in East London. We then strategized a promotional narrative, which was published to our social media channels leading up to the exhibition.

The final result of the campaign increased Maze Gallery’s Instagram following by over 400 with nearly 40,000 impressions and a total engagement over 1,600.