Light Fixation
Full-Service LED Lighting




Light Fixation provides full-service LED lighting solutions through converting commercial properties and creating bespoke handcrafted fittings for consumers.

Using at least 75 per cent less energy and lasting 25 times longer than tungsten or halogen lamps, LED lighting can substantially reduce our carbon footprint and save thousands in energy costs.

The London-based company selected majestic disorder media to re-design their visual identity and enhance their communication of LED benefits.

To begin, we re-designed the Light Fixation logo to reflect the two functioning sides of the company, whilst embodying the company’s creative ethos. We also transitioned the colour palette of both their logo and website to a light and airy aesthetic to reflect the eco-friendly nature of LED lighting.


The next step in our communicative strategy was producing high-end photography of Light Fixation’s past work in a variety of commercial settings. Not only do the images showcase the beauty of their work, but they also address the stigma attached to LED lighting.

It’s been a misconception that LED lighting produces flickering, improper dimming and an unappealing glow, but those past stereotypes are not truthfully reflective of how the technology has progressed and how those decades-old attributes are no longer implicit.

Essential to Light Fixation’s external communication is their sales and marketing materials distributed to potential customers. We re-designed these materials that included editorial, photography and graphic design with a sleek and creative approach led by strong visuals and emphasis on bold facts.


With this strongly built foundation we then provided social media campaigns structured on creativity and engagement. The first campaign was centred on their exclusive LED Christmas tree produced. The second multimedia campaign launched in association with Record Store Day highlighted their bespoke LED vinyl lamp fitting.