Fattoria La Vialla
Biodynamic Agriculture


Graphic Design


Amongst Italy’s sprawling picturesque landscape in Tuscany is Fattoria La Vialla, a 3,316-acre farm and wine estate.

What started between husband and wife resurrecting a simple farm in 1978, has grown to a sustainable enterprise with over 120 employees and an annual turnover of more than £25 million.

With over 24,000 olive trees on the estate and producing a wide assortment of wines, oils, pasta, sauces, spices, sweets, cheese and produce, Fattoria La Vialla maintains a personal touch through every aspect. Forgoing selling through distribution, all products are sold directly to customers, much like a farmer selling directly at a market.

Challenged to engage our community, we introduced the products of Fattoria La Vialla at our holiday pop-up and through our print magazine, we crafted a visual narrative detailing its most unique attribute — sustainability.



Biodynamic farming is its agricultural method, which is an alternative and holistic process that goes a far step beyond organic farming with emphasis on environment preservation, the utilization of manures, composts and not farming with chemicals. Adding another methodical layer to this system is synchronization with the lunar cycle, using an astrological sowing and planting calendar.

The farm itself has a carbon neutral emission, as evaluated by the University of Siena, through not only its use of hand tool farming methods and solar power energy, but also the unique designs of re-directing water runoff for irrigation.

Fattoria La Vialla has been committed to sustainability practically from the beginning. On the register of organic growers, its listed as #125 (there are over 45,000 members today). With numerous awards and accolades, not only for their products, but commitments to sustainability as well, this gem of Italy truly illustrates responsible and genuine commerce