Textile Label




Bringing her colorful creations to life by hand, inside her quaint Copenhagen-based studio, designer Signe Emdal weaves together a nostalgic narrative inspired by nature and living simplistically.

Communicating through textiles, she translates cultural heritages and century-old traditions into a gorgeous array of contemporary scarves, blankets and tapestries.

Looking to expand international brand awareness, we developed a dynamic travel diary inspired narrative published across our print, online and social media platforms.

The visual and editorial content created was an immersive experience for travelers and influencers. Through film photography, a custom-designed print advertisement and social media campaign, our community transported themselves into the vibrant world of Emdal.

MD6_Emdal_AdFurthermore, majestic disorder consulted on Emdal’s global project, Hugs, to deliver a powerful narrative that consumers and textile enthusiasts will connect with and celebrate.

The Hugs mission is simple yet empowering. The project aims to produce a collection composed of designs made with the traditional skills of different global communities such as artisan co-ops to showcase authentic cultural design.

Through textiles and craft traditions, the project hones in on the diversity and richness of cultural identity and storytelling.

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