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Ethical and edited consumption is the mission behind the online platform ACCOMPANY. Jason Keehn founded his digital destination with a desire to fill his personal void of fusing together social responsibility with creative direction.

The platform curates a plethora of artisan-made fashion apparel, accessories, and home décor from around the world empowering indigenous tribes and local craftsmen as many of the pieces are one-off designs. ACCOMPANY offers fair trade practices through profit sharing, material sourcing and partners with numerous humanitarian and philanthropic organizations to support the artisans.

To communicate Jason’s digital presence to a physical format, we strategized an editorial approach that is open and honest matching the genuine ethical foundation of the brand, while maintaining an intimate approach to the photography illustrating the personal touch. The visual design of the branded content prioritized the diverse visual arrangement to entice readers to learn more about Jason and his story behind ACCOMPANY.



Within each issue of majestic disorder magazine, we exclusively promote high-end sustainable fashion from global designers committed to social responsibility.

We selected various apparel and accessories from ACCOMPANY to showcase within the fashion editorial of Issue Seven entitled “The Revolution Will Be Painted.”